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TecTriu’s Corporate Governance System is geared towards creating economic, social and environmental value for all stakeholders, with a medium to long-term time horizon, and an awareness of the social relevance of the activities in which it is engaged.

In terms of corporate structure, the Group is controlled by the holding company Tecnostamp Triulzi International Group Pte. Ltd. which owns, either directly or indirectly, the Italian subsidiaries Tecnostamp Triulzi Group S.R.L., Logosteel S.R.L. and Gaggio-Tech S.R.L., the Romanian subsidiary Tecnostamp Triulzi East Europe S.R.L. and the Mexican subsidiary TecnostampTriulzi Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.

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Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Triulzi studied at Università Commerciale L. Bocconi in Milano, Italy, and graduated with a Degree in Business Administration and International Finance. He furthered his education and pursued his Masters’s Degree in International Management at H.E.C. University in Jouy en Josas, France. His work experience includes a Eurobond and Derivatives Specialist at IBM International Finance in Brentford, UK.



Chairman & Chief Technology Officer

Ferdinando Triulzi studied at the Feltrinelli Institute in Milan, Italy, and graduated with a Degree in Electromechanical Engineering. He has more than fifty years of experience in the business. He stood out as a leading actor in the most significant changes in the field of injection vacuum molding of thermoset compounds, including partnerships with the leading global manufactures of injection molding machines.  



Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Borgonovo studied at Università Commerciale L. Bocconi in Milano, Italy, and graduated with a Degree in Business Administration. Before joining TecTriu in 2012, he has been Chief Financial Officer and General Manager of Italian Multinational industrial companies, including overseas facilities. 

Timeline of
Tecnostamp Triulzi

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Founders day

In 1945, Cesare Triulzi and Attilio Cantoni founded in Milano, Italy, Triulzi & Cantoni due to a strong need for a quick rebuilding of wealth and development after the massive destruction inflicted by World War 2. That was the right time for the start of a successful story of passion and intuition devoted to plastics and composite molding.
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The company rapidly increased its operation due to the increasing demand for industrial and civil circuit breakers during the first decades of its existence. The challenge for the second generation was to respond to the need for increased productivity through process automation. Ferdinando Triulzi, now Chairman of the Board, became the pioneer of new technological solutions, which still constitute a distinctive element of the TecTriu brand to this day.
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During the following decades, TecTriu addressed new challenges that arose with innovation: diversifying the technical offer both from internal and external growth; establishing solid business relationships with major players in various industrial sectors; and expanding the manufacturing capability with an aggressive international growth plan.

In 2005 TecTriu acquired Tecnostamp Europa S.P.A. and Logosteel S.R.L., which was created together with Triulzi & Cantoni S.P.A. the current Tecnostamp Triulzi Group S.R.L.

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global movement

Alessandro Triulzi, the current CEO and third-generation owner, focused on expanding the company in 2006, in Eastern Europe, and in 2007, Mexico then Asia, riding the wave of globalization. TecTriu is now present on three continents, with over 700 employees motivated to work following the Group’s Core Values and Mission.
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Sustainable Expansion

In 2022, following the project to improve the carbon footprint of the group we perfected, with the minority partner Minifaber S.P.A., the acquisition of the Gaggio Montano production site. This is how Gaggio - Tech S.R.L. was born.
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future growth

The main focus for the future strategy of TecTriu is set on sustainability, expressed in the three pillars known as “ESG” (Environment, Social, and Governance). Owners and top managers are fully involved in designing a new, sustainable way of “how we manufacture” and “what we manufacture”, inspiring a modern approach we are proud to define as “design-to-sustainability”. We believe that this is the best way to serve as an example for future generations to follow.