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Some view ESG compliance as a plus, while we view it as a must-have. The main focus for the future strategy of TecTriu is set on sustainability, expressed in the three pillars known as “ESG” (Environment, Social, and Governance).

Owners and top managers are fully involved in designing a new, sustainable way of “how we manufacture” and “what we manufacture”, inspiring a modern approach we are proud to define as “design-to-sustainability”. We believe that this is the best way to serve as an example for future generations to follow.

We are developing new solutions to increase the lifecycle of the products. This goal is achieved by using new multi-layer coating technologies that protect products from external damaging factors, hence extending their lives. In addition, we are focusing on recyclability by using recycled plastics for most of the new products developed (especially in energy distribution).

The next step in our sustainability program is to develop new composite (thermoset) materials specifically designed to be more easily recycled at the end of
their lifecycle.


One of our strengths are material recovery processes, with a view to the CIRCULAR ECONOMY

TecTriu’s commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) topics is aimed at promoting a culture of sustainability and creating shared value.
The challenge of sustainability must be faced with pervasiveness and objectivity. Pervasiveness concerns the cross-cutting approach to environmental, social, and governance topics, whose focus is not simply the attribute of some products but is one of the key variables involved in each of TecTriu’s manufacturing processes.

Objectivity, on the other hand, concerns the strategic approach of adopting precise metrics, which affect and have a significant impact on the measurement of certain phenomena.

In 2023 TecTriu substantially increased its commitment to sustainable development by obtaining an ESGe rating of BBB in terms of risk management capability, entering in a very small and elite circle of companies that worth 30% of the compared panorama.

TecTriu considers sustainable economic growth an integral part of its strategy to create long-term value for all its stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, public administration, financial institutions, shareholders, and the community.

The target markets are:
• Power Distribution
• E&E (Electric & Electronic)
• automotive and sustainable mobility
• home appliances
• professional appliances
• circular economy: grinding and recycling of composite materials to obtain virgin materials

Of the economic value that TecTriu generated during 2022, 87% was distributed. The share of economic value distributed to suppliers is the most important, with an incidence of 66%, while that distributed to employees through wages and salaries, social charges, and benefits, corresponds to 17%; the remaining share is almost equally divided between the Public Administration (mainly taxes) and the lenders (banks and leasing companies). TecTriu’s international profile is reflected in its subsidiaries, located in Europe (Italy and Romania) and North America (Mexico) with the specific objective of ensuring close proximity to the client. This involves the opportunity to recruit local labor and, more importantly, access to local supply markets, infrastructure, and public services. For this reason, the taxation of TecTriu is strongly related to the territories in which the production activity takes place and is aligned with the respective regulations in this field.


Economic value distributed

  • Suppliers 66% 66%
  • Employees 17% 17%
  • Lenders 3% 3%
  • Public Administration 1% 1%

TecTriu global footprint



At TecTriu, we understand that sustainability must extend beyond the ESG framework. We take our social responsibility seriously and are committed to treating all our colleagues, partners, and customers with respect and appreciation. Our aim is to create a sustainable, healthy, and diverse work environment in which everyone can thrive. We believe that diversity, sustainable mindset, and social commitment are key pillars of a successful and long-lasting business.

Through contributions to social and ecological projects, we encourage our employees to act in an environmentally conscious manner in both their professional and personal lives. By combining social commitment and technical expertise, we create a supportive environment that fosters personal development, ensuring that everyone feels welcome, regardless of their background, characteristics, or perspectives. Let’s work together towards a better future for the planet and society.